Intelliverb: Is It Intelligent Investing in Search?

Maryland based Intelliverb is a full content based search engine with a relevancy model driven by point of operation dependency.

The company founders have designed and implemented an algorithm called PageScale, which ranks pages on an “intelligent content analysis basis” and not popularity alone. This approach is said to deliver different search results than regular search engines.

The company is of limited means and the search engine is conceptual, so there’s always room for improvement. In a week that saw the launch of it’s best to let Intelliverbs results speak for themselves.

Vanity Search:


No luck. How about the boss:


Michael Jordon is the first result. Both are tall so I guess it’s at least warm. Lets search for Intelliverb itself:

iv3.png not in the first 2 results. It was third.


It’s clearly not Google, so the results are fairly accurate. The last question: