Last.FM Too Slow: Users Create Their Own Facebook Application is a seriously popular music service (we’ve dubbed it a viral machine). So users are wondering why they are yet to release a Facebook application – competitors like iLike and MOG are the first and fifth most popular applications, respectively.

The forums are being lit up with user requests for integration. In early May, a staff member (flaneur) commented “we’ve started work on some cool ways to get your music taste from on [Facebook]” in one of the early threads requesting integration. But a month later and a day after the official launch of Facebook Applications, nothing has been released.

Perhaps sees Facebook as more of a competitor than a partner, or maybe they didn’t realize just how important the new Facebook Developer Platform would be, in making the decision to hold off on creating a Facebook application. It doesn’t really matter, though, because users are starting to take over. Jake Jarvis (who’s also the founder of Middio) released his own Facebook application earlier today. One of the more popular features is that it tracks music you listen to on your computer and displays it on your profile. Jarvis’ widget displays the last few songs you’ve listened to on on your Facebook profile.

I added it to my profile and it works just fine. Read more about this on Jake Jarvis’ blog. And thanks to Daryn Haynes for pointing this out in a comment to our post on iLike.

If you are a Facebook user, get the (unofficial) application here. I’m looking forward to seeing how many users it has by tomorrow, and’s response.