Camera Detector Makes Me Uneasy, But Rocks


As if the three-day weekend’s drug bender I’m planning won’t make me paranoid enough, I run across this handy pocket camera detector. In a nutshell, it’s a bug sweeper on a micro scale. If you think someone’s planted wireless hidden cameras somewhere where you don’t want to be seen, you wave this magic wand around and it will tell you if you’re safe or not.

I like the idea, it keeps Big Brother from watching me. But what’s got me off kilter is this: Are there enough hidden cameras about to warrant such a device? And if so, are they watching me right now?

Great, now I’m paranoid again. Let’s just hope the girl’s volleyball team at the local high school doesn’t find out about these, or else my cash-cow voyeur site will lose all of it’s content. I hate this thing, but I love it.

Product Page [Scientifics, via NA]