wefi.pngLet’s all make a Web 2.0 gadget company, shall we? Please pick one item from column A and one from column B. Heck. Pick a few.

Social Networking Handhelds
Ajax-enabled Monkey Cages
Buddy-list toting Trashcans
XML Feed Using Goat Farms
Ultra Simple Routers
Interactive, Sensing Weather Station
VoIP MP3 Players with Vibration

Hire a Stanford grad to help with the biznes and then launch. Does your company have to offer anything that anyone really wants or needs? Absolutely not. Take WeFi, for example. You set up a wireless access point. You share it. You can talk to people who are sharing it, provided they’re not just ganking your hotness and ignoring the fact that they have to install/visit some Website to use your Wi-Fi.

Yes, friends. This is a social networking Wi-Fi thingie. Want to stalk strangers? Want to be all like “Hi! I see you like Wi-Fi. Can we meet? No?” There used to be a phone booth back in Pittsburgh, where I went to college. You’d walk by it and a guy up in some apartment overlooking the booth would call the booth if he liked the way you looked. He’d essentially do some heavy breathing and ask you up. This sounds kind of like the Web 2.0 version of that.

Product Page via Mashable