Next-Gen Format Copying May Become Legal

Though Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are readily available in a store near you, the cost for either format isn’t cheap. If I had to plunk down $30+ for a movie, I’d certainly want to be able to make legal backup copies of it. And according to a new licensing agreement, you may be able to do that very soon. The big studios need to get behind the push, but if all goes well, you should be allowed to make several legitimate backup copies of a next-gen disc without legal complications.

This new approach is being called “managed copy” and is one of the first steps this industry is taking towards getting rid of DRM. Believe it or not, AACS LA is behind the push for managed copy too. The groups even admit that some people may pirate a movie for their neighbor though it’s so miniscule it won’t even make a difference in sales for the most part. Let’s all hope this managed copy system comes to fruition.

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