Spout: MySpace + Netflix

spout.pngSpout is a social networking site aiming to give users a better way to find new films.

Described as a hybrid between MySpace and Netflix, Spout was founded by four filmmakers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who wanted to create a web experience that was a “trusted place between the multiplex and the film festival”.

Spout users are connected by their personal profile, which grows and changes dynamically every time they visit the site and express an opinion about a movie. Results are based on user submissions alone and none are computer generated.

Spout originally launched in March 2006 and has undergone several upgrades since, the most recent upgrade included a new feature called MovieMind that provides recommendations based on expressed user interest. For example, by entering Startup.com a user receives a list of movies they may enjoy that are similar to Startup.com as recommended by Spout users.

It’s not the most technologically advanced Web 2.0 site, but the simplicity is a positive. Ignore the positive review for Babel on the front page and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The drag and drop functionality in MovieMind is smart and providing dynamically generated links to other sites is an inclusive move that improves the overall user experience.