Sony Introduces Pint-Sized Home Theater System


Sony unveiled a pint-sized 5.1-channel home theater system tonight in NYC. The satellites are about the size of an apple, but don’t let the size fool you. The tiny package puts out a total of 450 watts. The five satellites put out 50W each while the two-way subwoofer exerts 100W per channel. Not bad for such a small system, right?

The DAV-IS10 is centered around a DVD/CD player that upscales video to 720p or 1080i via the HDMI output as long as you have an HDTV hooked up. As if that weren’t enough, the system also utilizes Bravia Theater Sync technology. Huh? If you have a Bravia TV then you have the ability to utilize the aforementioned HDMI interface to easily navigate from one input to another with the touch of a button. Pretty sweet, eh?

The Digital Media Port input also lets you hook up accessories via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Not savvy enough to set up your multi-channel surround sound system? It’s OK because not everyone is and that’s why Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration makes setup a breeze.

The system will be available in July for a whopping $800. You may wonder why I’m using a press photo when I knew about the event, right? That’s easy to answer. Sony’s been a disappointment over the last decade and I just couldn’t bear to see another product from them that’s likely to fail. Think I’m wrong? We’d all be walking around with Walkmans right now instead of iPods if I were. But they really dropped the ball on that, so it’s iPods all around. Need I mention the PS3 or their flaming batteries? I try to love you Sony, but you make it so damn hard. Maybe my inebriated state is making me bitter or I’m just speaking the truth. Either way I’ll stop and go to bed. Have fun paying $800 for this thing.

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