Rumor: Nokia 8600 Drops May 25

Some of you Nokia fetishists are drooling on your shirts in anticipation of the hottest entry-level phone the manufacturer has ever put out, the 8600. It’s stats are “meh”, but man it’s sexy. And it looks like you’ll be getting it on May 25.

The Ring Nokia nerds got a leak from Carphone Warehouse stating that it will have exclusive selling rights to the 8600 for six weeks. Good for them. After that, the rest of us can pick up the GSM phone when it’s release here in the states. Of course, Carphone Warehouse might have the exclusive for the Euro-only market, meaning it could hit here on either T-Mobile or AT&T at the same time.

Can you stand the suspense? Can you!?

8600 leak [Ring Nokia, via BGR]