Memorex To Public: Quit Huffing Our Products

bushsniffer8yb.jpgI know kids will ingest a lot of dumb stuff, but I didn’t know cans of air duster were on the list. It is an aerosol-based product though, and Memorex, makers of the Air Duster line of compressed-gas cleaner wants to help keep the kids off the drugs, so it’s adding bitterant to the products to “discourage potential abusers from “huffing” by making the contents extremely unpleasant to inhale.” Competing manufacturer Falcon puts bitterant in its Dust-Off products as well.

So what have we’d learned here today, kids? Memorex Air Duster canned air is excellent for cleaning computers, office equipment, photography equipment, and electronics, NOT for cheap highs.

Memorex Air Duster [product page]