AT&T Has iPhone Exclusively For Five Years, Verizon Preps 'Answer'


The iPhone is the subject of political intrigue, international statecraft and cellphone executives hating on each other. AT&T, the sole provider of the iPhone, as if you didn’t already know, will exclusively have the phone for five years. Previous reports or rumors (boy, is that line starting to blur) had the phone pegged to AT&T through 2009. Oh, and Verizon Wireless has a secret weapon up its sleeves.

Verizon, which still hasn’t admitted that Apple gave it first dibs on the iPhone, said “time will tell” on whether or not the iPhone will be a success. I’ll take a wild guess and say that Apple will sell a couple of iPhones, though it’d be pretty hilarious if the thing bombed, given the amount of hype it’s been subject to.

Lastly, Verizon says it has an “answer” to the iPhone, which it says will launch late summer. What could it be? Unless the company plans on giving out free gold doubloons with the purchase of every two-year contract, I am skeptical of this “answer.”

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