Creative Unleashes 2MP Auto-focusing, Plug-N-Play Webcam

prod16425_hdr_1_6_1.jpgI know it’s pretty difficult to get excited by a Webcam, so I forgive you for not reading this. But, on the off chance you’re actually shopping for one, you should maybe add the Creative Live! Cam Optia AF to your list; it became available today. Creative promises the $130 camera has a “true 2-megapixel sensor and Live! View technology for sharp, HD-resolution video.” (Though in my experience with other cams, this doesn’t translate into a smooth video experience at the higher resolutions—up to 1,600×1,200 in this case. It will likely give you decent still shots, however, and good video at lower resolutions like 800×600. But this is all pure speculation, so take it for it’s worth.)

The Creative Live! Cam Optia AF (man, that’s a mouthful) has a lot more going for it than the 2-megapixel sensor, though. For example, it’s completely plug and play, so there’s no driver installation necessary. Just pop the USB cable into a port and you’re ready to start chatting with friends and family or making odd videos of you and your friends humping the ottoman. Of course there’s the auto focus and auto tuning features, too, making sure you’re in focus with the best lighting and brightness levels while you violate the furniture. Dual adaptive array microphones are built in as well to capture every bump and grind.

It works with every major video-chat app (it is Windows only, however) and there’s a bunch of software extras like Creative’s proprietary Audio FX for modifying your voice and Video FX that lets you change backgrounds and add special effects.

Creative Live! Cam Optia AF [product site]