ZDNet Wants You To Review Products, Will Let You Keep 'Em


Do you want to be a part of the glamorous world of technology writing? I mean, who wouldn’t? Beginning this week, ZDNet is giving you the chance to become a Deputy Product Tester. Every week, ZDNet will pick at least one person to do a hands-on test of a product of the site’s choosing. Afterward, you get to keep the product (so long as you’re based here in the U.S.). Should it like your review, it may even incorporate your thoughts into its own review. Really, really cool stuff here.

The backstory: on of the ZDNet dudes, David Berlind, has too much stuff in his home office. So much that he needs to get rid of it, and fast! It’s an embarrassment of riches I tell you. A bunch of folks seem to think the idea is amazing beyond belief. Good luck and Godspeed is what I say.

Become a ZDNet Deputy Product Tester, keep the tech when you’re done [ZDNet]