Collaborative Film Making With Your Broadcaster

yb.pngYour Broadcaster is a social networking site with a specific goal; to build and create five feature length films through collaborative user generated input.

The film projects fall into five categories: Bollywood, horror, thriller, drama and comedy. Members participate through the submission of scripts, auditions, characters, cartoons and stunts. Submissions are then voted upon by other members. Uploads from the most popular members will then be used as the basis for the final films.

Interestingly the project is not free for those who wish to submit content for consideration. Your Broadcaster charges $10 per film project or $35 for participation in all 5. Free memberships give voting rights as well as your typical social networking tools of user blogs, discussion groups etc but do not allow submission of material for the film projects.

The pitch for the paid version includes a copyrighting facility to protect project members’ work. Subscribers to this service have their work protected in a “Seal file” which encrypts data and secures the information.

Your Broadcaster hails from the Isle of Man, an Island best known for its provision of off-shore banking accounts. Maybe it’s something in the water as unfortunately Your Broadcaster’s remuneration scheme looks something like an Amway presentation. Yet as an idea there might be something to it. Citizen generated media has been eating away at the foundations of Hollywood for years. Short film has been conquered so why not aim at the next obvious target, feature films. There are no certainties that Your Broadcaster is going to succeed, however it’s likely they’ll end up the first of many startups aiming to tap into collaborative media as a basis to build content that is more than just short film.