MyMiniLife: Your Embeddable Virtual World

MyMiniLife is a Flash based virtual world/social network. Users create and customize a character and then build out a virtual space, adding walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. Users can then add customized goods ranging from lamps to cannons to the space, and embed video or photo elements into items, or link to web pages (click on my moped in the embed for an example).

Some users create fantasy worlds; others create near-exactly duplicates of their actual homes or apartments. Other users can visit your home, walk around, view pictures and videos and then leave notes or chat real time with the owner. All items cost “money” to add to the world (and can later be sold to recoup cash) – and some of the premium items are very expensive relative to how much cash you are given to start the game. The site, however, is free to use and is ad supported. More money is accumulated via daily logins and other actions.

The graphics are fairly simple, but it was easy to customize my avatar and build out a simple space. Unlike more established competitors like Habbo Hotel and Cyworld, though MyMiniLife lets users embed their world via a Flash widget on any other website, such as their MySpace page.

I’ve embedded a quick test below. For more elaborate worlds, see here and here.

This is a hot space right now, and virtual world sites are gaining users at a quick pace. One competitor, Club Penguin, is rumored to be in acquisition discussions with Sony for $500 million or so.