LateNightShots: I'll Drink To That

lns.pngLateNightShots is an invite-only social networking site dedicated to Washington DC nightlife.

Since launching a beta version in August 2006, the site now has over 10,000 members. LateNightShots adheres to a strict invite-only policy – members may only join the site after being recommended by an existing member.

LateNightShots requires members to choose at least five of their favorite bars or clubs and 5 of their favorite restaurants upon registering. After registration, members may then view the most popular bars in Washington DC, profile pages for the members who go to those bars, and pictures, videos and articles from bars or parties.

Other features include a comprehensive list of happy hours in the city, neighborhood maps, event planning functionality, a dating component, the ability to send drinks to friends that can be redeemed at local bars, “spotting” friends at bars, and message boards.

With general social networking style sites now at saturation point, narrowly focused niche sites are really the last untapped market. We recently covered OurFaves, a user generated geospecific review site and Angling Master, a social network for recreational fisherman. LateNightShots sits somewhere between the two.

There has been some coverage of the site elsewhere that suggested it was nothing more than an exclusive Republican white boy hangout space (or words to that affect). I couldn’t see it. Whilst there may be members with a strong political bent it’s not immediately evident in the member areas. There is a richness of member submitted content, reviews and discussion that would suggest an appeal to a much broader church, the only limitation being that you live in Washington DC, enjoy going out at night and are impartial to the occasional alcoholic beverage.

LateNightShots’ owner Sugar Media Group plans to expand the site in to New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Dallas and Charlottesville later this year.