Google Builds Team in Quest to Conquer China

googlecn1.pngRumored for some time, Google is now officially providing results for Chinese search engine

Spotted first by Search Engine Journal, the Google logo is now present in search results, and joins in Google’s quest to conquer China.


It has been a difficult market for Google from the beginning. The ethical questions in relation to censorship caused Google to hold back on services such as gmail for whilst the NASDAQ listed continued to dominate the local search market.

As of April, Baidu’s market share is reminiscent of Google’s domination in other nations, Baidu having 55% search market share in China to Google’s 21.7%.

Google’s traditional foe Yahoo is only just on the radar in China. Although rated in a 2006 market share report as being China’s No. 3 search engine, market share as of June 2006 was a low 5.7%. If Alexa data can be trusted, has since slipped to 7th place on traffic behind, (powered by Google, 2), (3), (4), (powered by Google, 5) and (6). It should be noted that a number of sites, such as compete not only in search but services as well, being best known in the West for offering a blogging platform.

Google’s China partners and also use Google’s Adwords advertising platform. Google previously held a 2.6% stake in which it sold in 2006.

The importance of China to Google should not be underestimated. China has around 150 million people online and is expected to have more broadband users than the United States in the next 12-24 months.