GameTap Gets Creative, Announces Animated Series

Fan of the original “Aeon Flux” or “Reign: The Conqueror?” Might want to sign up for GameTap soon, as the company will be releasing a new animated series called “ReVisioned.” A collective group of artists and writers will get together to create a cartoon series based on popular video games. Up first is “Tomb Raider” and guess who’s doing the first two episodes? None other than Peter Chung, of the aforementioned “Aeon Flux” fame.

Some of the animation looks really fantastic and seems to be worth checking out. All the episodes of each series will be available for free to anyone who wants to watch them, so props to the guys at GameTap for offering their idea to those of us without accounts.

Tomb Raider: GameTap Collection [GameTap via Kotaku]