Sony Says Yes to PSP Store, Fall Launch Expected


So Sony announced that it’s going to launch a PSP store, intending to have it up and running sometime this fall. Then again, we’ve pretty much assumed that was going to happen since it launched the handheld two years ago. And really, it wasn’t much of an announcement, just a one-off comment by SCEA’s president saying that it should’ve been here by now and that it’s on the way. No details on what you’ll be able to buy (games and game-related things, presumably) or for how much.

Microsoft has done a pretty good job with its Xbox Live Marketplace, so let’s see if Sony doesn’t mess this one up as it has with, you know, everything in the past few months.

SCEA Announces PSP Store, SOCOM PS3, Warhawk Beta Plans [Shacknews via Next Gen]