Targus DEFCON 1 More Flexible Than The Average Laptop Lock

The product’s name sounds a bit more threatening than the device actually is. The $24.99 Targus DEFCON 1 is in fact a retractable cable lock for notebooks. And while it does feature the protection of a galvanized steel cable and a resettable, 4-digit combination-lock that allows for more than 10,000 different codes, it will not authorize you to use nuclear weapons.

A lock slot adapter lets you easily secure any device with a standard security slot, be it on a laptop, LCD monitor, external hard drive, etc. etc. Also, since the cable locks directly back into the body of the DEFCON 1, you can use it as a cable lock to keep people from walking off with anything you can loop the cable through. And since it’s retractable, you don’t have to deal with a tangled mess every time you want to secure something.

Targus DEFCON 1 Retractable Cable Lock for Notebooks [product site]