PS3 Leads To 68 Percent Profit Drop For Sony


Far be it from me to tell a company how to conduct itself or its business, but Sony’s had one of the worst years I can remember. It just posted a 68 percent drop in profits compared to last year, and we all know what the culprit is. Yup, the PS3’s underperformance and botched launch really screwed Sony this year. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to take a loss on hardware (Nintendo notwithstanding, whose Wii has outsold the PS3 2:1), but Sony’s was especially pronounced thanks to the inclusion of the expensive Blu-ray drive.

Sony says that it’ll take this year to sure up its software lineup, which, frankly, doesn’t look so hot. Sure, possibly great games like GTA 4 and Assassins Creed are on the horizon, but those once exclusive to the PS3 now make their home on the Xbox 360, too.

PS3 Drives Big Drop in Sony Profits [Next Gen]