Marissa Mayer and Brad Garlinghouse Join TechCrunch20 Panel

We announced two new experts today for the TechCrunch20 conference in September: Google’s Marissa Mayer (VP Search Products & User Experience) and Yahoo’s Brad Garlinghouse (SVP Communications & Communities). We announced Caterina Fake, MC Hammer and Rajeev Motwani last week. The complete Panel of Experts is here, and we will announce more in the coming weeks.

The format of TechCrunch20 is simple: Twenty of the hottest new startups will announce and demo their products over a two day period in front of an audience of hundreds and a panel of twenty experts. And they don’t pay a cent to do this. They will be selected to participate based on merit alone. We are taking submissions now and will begin announcing selected companies in about a month. Submit your startup here.

Brad Garlinghouse

Brad Garlinghouse is SVP, Communications & Communities at Yahoo, which includes Yahoo Mail, Messenger and Groups. During his tenure, Brad has also overseen the primary starting points to the Yahoo! network, including and My Yahoo. Brad is the author of the infamous Peanut Butter Manifesto, which received significant press for his vision for Yahoo! to realize its full potential. Prior to joining Yahoo, Brad served as CEO of Dialpad Communications. Earlier in his career, Brad led VC investments in software, communications and Internet businesses at @Ventures. He also spent time in product and marketing leadership roles at @Home Network and SBC Communications.

Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is VP, Search Products & User Experience at Google. She joined Google in 1999 as Google’s first female engineer. Her efforts have included designing and developing Google’s search interface, internationalizing the site to 100+ languages and launching numerous features and products. Several patents have been filed on her work in artificial intelligence and interface design. Before Google, she worked at UBS research lab (Ubilab) and SRI International. Marissa has been featured in various publications, including Newsweek (“10 Tech Leaders of the Future”), Red Herring (“15 Women to Watch”), Business 2.0, BusinessWeek, Fortune and Fast Company.