The New Loudness for Attention Whores


Attention ladies: If you have the innate need to draw more attention to yourself as you go about your business, there are better ways to do it than this dress with built-in speakers. Yes, it’s a concept, but one we hope doesn’t take off. Turning your clothes into a Teddy Ruxpin will only serve to piss the people around you off. Any woman who’d wear this would undoubtedly also have questionable taste in music. Thus the point.

Thankfully it’s not just a walking iPod dock. The dress runs it’s own software and has “sensors” of some type that are environment-aware. A brain in the outfit takes the sensory input and composes a “melody” that’s supposed to be “in tune” with what’s “going on”. Whatever.

If you do need to get more “look at meeeeee!” time, we can think of many other ways that wouldn’t piss us off, like Bluetooth-enabled bikinis. Work on that, designers.

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