Skype Finds Its Way Into Wal-Mart's Necrotic Heart

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It’s morning again in America. Today, more men and women will use Voice over IP services like Skype than ever before. Knowing this, Skype and Wal-Mart have teamed up, with the giant retailer set to sell Skype hardware and $20 pre-paid cards in its 17 zillion, small town way of life-destroying stores.

Those who are curious about VoIP will find Skype headsets, Web cams and the like ready for hands-on testing in their local store. Good move for Skype, since there’s pretty much no better way to sell your wares to Joe Public than to have a cushy Wal-Mart setup. Wal-Mart probably could use as much new, high-tech products to stock its shelves with, considering the company just came off a fairly disappointing month. Can’t keep building stores forever to fix that bottom line, Señores Walton & Co.

Skype at Wal-Mart [Skype]

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