Mini Merger: Imified Acquires FeedCrier

imifiedlogo.pngImified, makers an IM interface for some common productivity tools, just acquired FeedCrier, makers of an IM based RSS feed alert system. The two startups talk about the deal on their blogs (Imified, FeedCrier), but shy away from the terms of the deal.

Imified plans on integrating the RSS alerts to its current list of IM services, calling them “Imified Alerts”. Users will also be able to get updates through IM enabled phones and Imified’s widget. Zaptxt and some other competitors have a similar RSS alert services for IM and mobile phones.

Alerts will be added the the growing list of productivity tool API’s any of the world’s over 340 million IM users can connect to through Imified on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and Google Talk. By Talking to the Imified bot on these IM clients, you can carry out tasks on blogging platforms (Blogger, MoveableType, WordPress, LiveJournal), Basecamp, 30 Boxes, Remember the Milk, Twitter, Jaiku, amongst others. Through their own widget API, developers can also “Imify” their own services on to their IM bot platform.

Imified was launched in February of this year and generated some considerable interest in the forums. Co-Founders Dave Hoff and Anthony Webb built the application without actually meeting each other. They are based in Florida and were serving over 15,500 users back in April.