100 Invites To Spock Beta Available Right Now

Spock, the new people search engine, has been getting a lot of buzz the last few weeks. We posted an overview and screen shots last month and I recently moderated a panel that included them, Wink and ZoomInfo (notes are here). but the founders have been very careful to limit beta testers to just a handful of people. Starting today they are beginning to open up a bit in preparation for a summer launch. They’ve given us 100 beta accounts to give away. If you are interested, send an email to techcrunch@corp.spock.com. The first 100 people get in immediately, and everyone after the first 100 will get priority access in the next couple of weeks. Move fast, these spots will be gone in the next 30 minutes or so.

Update: the 100 spots were taken in exactly 30 minutes, as of 3:50 pm PST.