Yahoo To Finally Upgrade MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog, the ubiquitous blog widget that shows pictures of recent visitors to a site, was one of the “instant” success stories of 2006 – Yahoo acquired the company before most people even had a chance to hear about it.

Like many blogs, we had the MyBlogLog widget on TechCrunch for months. We eventually removed it due to performance issues (it slowed down the site on a couple of occasions) and this incredible amount of spam that started to appear.

Some of that may be changing, David Dalka says. At a conference in Chicago yesterday, MyBlogLog community manager Robyn Tippins told the audience to expect several upcoming services changes.

Users should expect a rebranding and redesign of the service as well as a new widget for blogs with hover-over features. They will also be looking for a way to easily turn off presence so that users can hide the fact that they visited a certain site.

A redesign will be good. What will be even better is a commitment to 100% uptime. As a widget company it is not acceptable to slow down or take down partner sites. MyBlogLog’s first priority must be performance.