AllFreeCalls Back From DeadPool, Free Calls Are Here Again

When AllFreeCalls shut down in February as a result of litigation, most people thought it was gone for good. The service, which allows people to call overseas for free by exploiting a regulatory loophole, was simply too good to be true.

Founder Pat Phelan vowed to bring the service back. And today he says he’s done it, under a new name and using a new back end service provider.

The new service is available at Yak4Ever. Like AllFreeCalls, all users have to do is call an access number in the U.S. and then forward on to an International number for free.

There are a couple of differences in the service though. First, users must register before making calls (this was not required previously). Also, international numbers must be pre-set. At registration you enter up to ten phone numbers and each is given a code (1-10). When you dial the access number you simply enter the code for the number you want to dial. The service is live now, but calls cannot be made until Monday.

There is now less flexibility in making calls to unique phone numbers, but for people who call the same friends and family all the time this will become very popular very fast. AT&T and others are going to continue to fight to kill this, since they are effectively subsidizing the service.

I’m removing the service from the DeadPool. For now.