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WSJ Reporters Complain About Speaker Buzz Caused By Cellphones, World Listens

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BZZZZZZ. That’s the sound that speakers spit out whenever a cellphone or smartphone is about to ring, receive a text message or, for you BlackBerry users, receive an e-mail. And the noise is annoying people, let me tell you. The soon to be Murdoch-owned WSJ looks at the problem in-depth, getting the opinion of every Tom, Dick and Harry. Many people say they’re embarrassed to hear the speakers buzz, especially when in the middle of a board meeting or while giving a speech. Somehow, turning the stupid thing off eludes many of these people, which is a shame since that’s the only real solution to the problem right now.

Maybe I’m just a jerk, but wasn’t this a Jerky Boys bit a few years ago? “There’s a terrible buzzing coming from my speakers. My speakers, I said, oh my God.” Is this really a major problem, or at least annoyance? As I was typing thing my very own speakersjust buzzed. No craziness to report here, knock on wood.

Trying to Minimize
A Lot of the Buzz
About BlackBerrys
[Wall Street Journal]

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