USB Chessboard: Simple = Cool


I have two seperate chess programs on my Treo (paid for, thanks), but no matter how wicked my knight-moving skillz get in the virtual world, I always get my ass handed to me in a real chess match. I think it’s something to do with the way we percept the physical board relative to the digital. Or maybe I’m making stuff up.

This nifty USB chess board might be the answer for me. It registers the movements of the physical pieces as if it were a virtual board, so you can play against the computer while maintaining the realism. We like it.

We’re glad it’s got the ability to play a friend via the Internet, but it’s by old-fashinoed email. Lame, but it’s still cool. And who’s bringing you this shining beacon of nerdom? Brando, that’s who.

Brando USB Chess Board
[Product page, via the nice ladies of Shiny Shiny]