Simpsonsizing The Xbox 360

Just as we got done telling you about the new Simpsons game due out this year, Microsoft goes and spills the beans on a new limited-edition 360 due out this summer. This banana-yellow Simpsons 360 is the coolest looking console to date. Not only does it go along with the Simpsons’ movie release, but it has minor touches that really show the detail put into the console. Like Homer’s head peering over the right side of the machine.

Excited and ready to shell out up to $500 to get one? Keep dreaming! Only 100 of these ultra rare consoles will be produced and given out as part of various upcoming contests to coincide with the Simpsons movie. The 360 itself is a 20GB pro unit with a sick yellow paint job. What would you guys do to get your hands on this collectable Simpsons Xbox 360?

It’s no lemon: MS shows yellow Simpsons Xbox 360 [Reg Hardware]