NYC Taxis To Go High-Tech

I only use cabs in the city when I’m trying to get my mack on and I have no time for that silly subway. But if I should come across a situation where I need to use one, I’ll finally be able to use my credit card instead of cash. How, you ask? NYC has finalized plans to install 13,000 devices into all the cabs around the city. These units will allow you to pay with a credit card, get news and information via touch-screen display, check out local bars and restaurants, deliver sports scores, and a whole lot more.

Though this will obviously benefit passengers, drivers aren’t enthusiastic about it (gee, what a surprise). They said the new displays will be expensive to implement and that cab owners and officials will be able to check up on them. Plus that GPS unit will keep people in the know in case a cabbie goes completely crazy and starts trying to drive off the Brooklyn Bridge. Either way, 200 units are currently operational with more being rolled out this year. Keep an eye out for ’em the next time you rock a taxi.

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