Motorola to Announce iPhone Competitor

moto.jpgMotorola CEO Ed Zander has given notice that Motorola is set to announce a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone.

Speaking at the Software 2007 conference, Zander gave the audience a brief overview of the phone. Due to be formally announced next Tuesday, he described it as a “media monster”.

The new phone will support 30 frames-a-second, full-motion video and will incorporate incorporate support for SD cards.

“We are working with another company to deliver movies on SD cards. You can start watching unbelievable quality movies,” Zander reportedly said.

Unlike the iPhone, the new Motorola device will initially be targeted at the European market: the phone will work on the 3G platform that despite having a broad global presence, still lacks coverage in the United States.

He was surprisingly upbeat though on Apples iPhone, saying that the iPhone will stimulate the overall market for feature-rich mobile devices, including Motorola’s. “I think it’s [the iPohne is] going to, in some cases, reinforce what we have been trying to do and are doing with the mobile internet. Applications such as multimedia and video and photos and music are going to be done on these devices”.

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