Fidg't: Central Control of Social Networks

fidgt.jpgPresenting at Innovate!Europe 2007 today is Santa Monica based PROTOMOBL with a product called Fidg’t, that aims to make social network management easier.

The concept is simple: a centralized control point for social networks. Fidg’t brings together contacts from across multiple networks and platforms allowing for the easier leveraging of social networks from the one place.

fidgt2.jpgFidg’t mobile is also a fully fledged online Instant Messaging platform that provides similar functionality to Trillian and Meebo with support for AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN/ Windows Live Messenger. Media handling on the mobile version includes the ability to post directly to Flickr or stream content from

The Fidg’t Visualization Tool has a wow factor to it. The tech behind it might not be exciting but visually it’s stunning (the video below probably doesn’t do it full justice). It does however require a download. Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported.

Fidg’t’s current support of social networks is limited. Three chat platforms, Flickr and means that in its current form it’s not going to appeal to everyone. Facebook, Digg,, Eventful and Upcoming support is planned, with the Fidg’t team open to further suggestions.

Tim O’Reilly wrote back in February about Social Network Fatigue and the Missing Web 2.0 Address Book, wanting something more than just a network of networks outfit. Fidg’t doesn’t fully meet that need yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.