Fabricate Tasty Objects Out Of Sugar

Evil Mad Scientist may have a scary name, but his creations are simply delicious. This genius whipped up a 3-D fabricator that can create objects out of granulated sugar. These tasty treats can then be used for impressing little children with a taste for sweets. As long as you can design something in AutoCAD (I’m assuming here), you can have it printed out in the tastiest form known to man. Imagine Matchbox cars made of sugar. Basketballs, hammers, laser guns, all made from everyone’s guilty pleasure.

To get a better idea of how the project was conceived, check out what Evil Mad Scientist said:

In February we gave a sneak preview of our project to construct a home-built three dimensional fabricator. Our design goals were (1) a low cost design leveraging recycled components (2) large printable volume emphasized over high resolution, and (3) ability to use low-cost printing media including granulated sugar. We are extremely pleased to be able to report that it has been a success: Our three dimensional fabricator is now fully operational and we have used it to print several large, low-resolution, objects out of pure sugar.

Rock dude. You are my new official hero. Diabetics however, ahhhh not so much.

Official Site [via MAKE]