Xbox Live Spring Update Now Available

Listen up, you Halo musketeers. Xbox Live’s spring update has been rolled out and a lot of you will welcome most of the updates. To receive the update, log out of XBL completely, wait a few moments or an hour tops, and then log back in to start receiving the patch. One of the new features included is Live Messenger integration so you can talk with people on MSN Live or Windows Messenger, whatever it’s called.

There’s also new achievement pop-ups with the score value, a more organized Marketplace, “Friends playing now” feature on XBL Arcade, and you can set your console to power itself off after a lengthy download is finished so your mom doesn’t beat your ass for racking up the electricity bill. There’s a few other features that can be found in the press release, which is right below this text. Now get updating!

Press Release [Microsoft]