Tag Based Contact Management

telepark.pngMunich, Germany based telepark has launched, a tag based online contact management platform, as part of their presentation at Innovate!Europe 2007.

telepark is selling the new service as the “Flickr of Contact Management”, and although it’s easy to groan at the comparison, it didn’t stop me taking a look. allows users to easily define any number of contact groups using tags. Personalized emails can then be sent with one click, to as many as 4000 people at a one time.

Users can add any number of tags to any contact allowing for the creation of separate as well as overlapping groups of people. The platform is supported by a tag-optimized selection system that builds on a platform that in theory allows for a greater scope of people segmentation than many existing contact management systems.

The system also supports the dynamic creation of input fields. If you’ve got a friend with 5 mobile phone numbers this is going to work a treat.

The service goes live on May 16 and starts at €249.