Really Hot Skype Software For Your Blackberry

IM+ from SHAPE Services is about to make Blackberry owners cry out with pure glee. This client lets you IM and talk to Skype friends on the cheap. For $25 you get the ability to make calls not over WiFi, but over friggin’ GSM/3G/CDMA networks. Yeah, that’s right. Free voice calls to friends and cheap-as-hell SkypeOut calls without a WiFi network. Might as well lower your current cellphone plan.

You’ll also be able to IM your friends on Skype without any hassles, which isn’t as cool as free Skype calls, but it’s still pretty rad. Combine IM+ for Skype and the $25/year unlimited SkypeOut plan and you no longer need a voice plan for your cellphone. Isn’t technology so, so sweet?

SkypeOut Calls From A BlackBerry [BGR]