Pioneer Project Kuro First Impression


I just got back from seeing the new Pioneer HDTVs and, wow, I’m impressed. The difference between the 720p and 1080p picture quality was barely noticeable, though. Details remain the same from our earlier post, but now we have pricing and launch dates.

UPDATE:Optimum Mode not only adjusts picture brightness according to surrounding light, but also adjusts according to what type of programming you’re watching whether it’s the news, sports or cartoons.

Pioneer’s 720p Elite line-up will drop in July with 42 and 50-inch sets priced at $3,200 (PRO-950HD) and $4,500 (PRO-1150HD). Following up in September are the 1080p Elite’s in 50- and 60-inch models priced at $6,000 (PRO-110FD) and $7,500 (PRO-150FD), respectively.

Under the Pioneer label are 42- and 50-inch 720p models that drop in June with $2,700 (PDP-4280HD) and $3,500 (PDP-5080HD) price tags. The 1080p 50- and 60-inch sets launch in September for $5,000 (PDP-5010FD) and $6,500 (PDP-6010FD).

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