Lenovo Launches Stronger, Quieter, Cooler ThinkPads

Ususally when you hear about a manufacturer’s new laptop, it’s all about the latest processor or fancy screens. Lenovo’s taking a different route. Since notebook computers have become so hard to differentiate, the Len’s going back to basics with a pair of Intel Centrino-based laptops with innovations in more than just the architecture of the innards.

The new ThinkPads, the R61 and T61, are being touted as the “strongest, quietest and coolest” Lennies ever shipped, and coolest refers to both temperature and style. Honest, they told us that. By looking at the physics of how an owl stays quiet (again, really) Lenovo’s made the cooling system 3dB quieter, while keeping the surface temp 10 degrees cooler. It may sound like a drop in a bucket, but every little bit helps.

The new ThinkPads also feature “roll cages” around the LCDs, as they are the most injury-prone part of any laptop. My boss at my day job has gone through several laptops in the last 5 years, all due to “shock defects” (read: gravity). Extra protection there is a good thing, friends.

Lenovo also increased the battery life and improved Wi-Fi range with a new antenna design. Certain models will also feature unique disk encryption built in, good for Lenovo’s target business users.

They’ll be available next week from Lenovo’s Website.