Get That Noose Ready: Surge Of 3-D Films Coming Next Year

Not all 3-D movies are terrible, but most are rehashed pre-teen jokes with adult innuendos and crappy voice overs. While waiting for Spiderman 3 to start, I had to sit through two previews for PG-rated 3-D animal flicks (yes, one included penguins). I thought that was bad, until I read this Reuters report. Apparently, next year and into 2009, almost every studio will be releasing multiple 3-D flicks, with the majority of them geared at the younger crowd. DreamWorks, Pixar, and the whole gang of studios will all be unleashing multitudes of crap upon the silver screen and this we must endure.

The reason for the surge in talking cats and green ogres? NASA-grade 3-D technology is helping movie studios make big-budget virtual movies. So the more you take your kids to see some IMAX movie in 3-D and the more you see Shrek means more films of the same caliber coming out in the next year or two. Hey if there’s no stopping these flicks, might as well throw on some 3-D glasses, eat a hash brownie, and enjoy them, right? I’ll go get the brownie mix, you get the eggs.

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