Dell Latitudes, Too, Have Santa Rosa Fever


Whether you like it or not, today is Santa Rosa Day, where all the king’s horses and all the king’s men pimp their new laptops that have Intel’s latest chipset. Dell is no exception and two of its business-centric laptops, the Latitude D830 and D630, stand on guard for thee. Since they’re intended for business customers they have (as build-to-order options, natch) a bunch of security features to keep your company’s secrets under lock and key, including fingerprint reader and encrypted hard drives. The D830, which we’ve taken great pains to picture right here, has a 15.4-inch screen, so I wouldn’t exactly call it super-portable.

And yes, all of Santa Rosa’s bells and whistles are here: new Core 2 Duo processors with a faster front side bus, better integrated graphics (though Dell lets you build systems with proper GPUs) and integrated Draft N Wi-Fi. Add flexible operating system options ranging from FreeDOS to Windows Vista and the new Latitudes are sure to do Santa Claus proud.

Dell’s Latitude Business Line Gets Santa Rosa Treatment [Computer Shopper]