It's a Door and a Ping Pong Table, See!?


Ahoy, fellow apartment dwellers. If you’re like me, your apartment, even if roomy, could use more space. I mean, when you’re paying out the rear for a 2 bedroom, where are you going to put your ping pong table? You could just play Wii tennis, but seriously, real ping pong is the way to go.

If you’ve got a doorway, you can now have ping pong. This table — net and all — doubles as a door. It swings open like any standard door, but then rotates forward and back, making a playing surface. It’s sort of a sporty take on the Murphy bed.

And there’s no reason it has to be confined to table tennis. Indeed, in the future, we see air hockey doors, salad bar doors, baby-changing-station doors, operating table doors, even doors that resurrect Axl Rose’s career. Ok, that last one was a joke.

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