Boogie Gets Down With USB Mic and Looks To Go Multiplatform

Break out that white disco suit and warm up those pipes because Boogie is gettin’ down for the Wii and the included USB microphone let’s you belt it out like the Bee Gees. In a recent video interview with IGN, gameplay/art producer, Alfredo Chavez confirmed a few tasty bits of groovy news on the upcoming Wii title:

“The Wii version comes bundled with a microphone, it’s a USB microphone and it’s probably going to be the first mic for the Wii.”

If you’re the type who enjoys unfounded rumors then you’ll love this next bit as well. Throughout the interview Chavez repeats “Wii version” on more than one occasion so this would lead us to believe that Boogie will be hitting other platforms, but will they include USB mics? Start stretching, folks, it’s time to look like a jackass, again.

Go Nintendo [via Joystiq]