Warner Bros. to Offer Programming on Joost

This one nearly slipped under the radar, and given the growing list of Joost Partners I could flippantly say Joost has yet another content partner.

The latest deal for the streaming TV platform sees Warner Bros content including WBTV: SCI-FI FIX and WBTV: Before They Were Mega Stars being offered exclusively online with Joost.

WBTV: SCI-FI FIX will feature shows including the Adventures of Briscoe County, Aquaman, Babylon 5, Crusade, Human Target, Invasion, Max Headroom, My Favorite Martian, Prey, Time Trax and V.

The WBTV: Before They Were Mega Stars channel includes shows from the past that feature today’s big stars.

The increasing range of content undoubtedly makes the service more compelling, and yet despite having been a beta tester for some time, I find it difficult to get excited about the service. I know the tech behind it is fairly cool, and yet from the users perspective if I want to watch television I’d rather sit on my lounge, put my feet up and watch on 40 inches of 1080p HD FTA glory than through the occasionally pixilated and choppy picture I get from Joost here in Australia, but maybe it’s just me. By all means, convince me otherwise in the comments.