Vista: Switching Back Is Easy To Do

microsoft-windows-vista.jpgNik Cubrilovic, a contributor to TC, recently had a blow-out with his Mac and started using Windows Vista full time. The terrible part? He really, really likes it!

Surprisingly, I tend to agree with him. I was very pleased with Vista’s performance on an older machine I have here at home and I now look forward to booting up Windows rather than dreading it. Granted there’s no way I’m going back to the world of IE and office — barring some huge misstep by Apple — but it’s good to know others share my opinion.

Vista is not Microsoft’s folly. It’s a worthy and intelligent upgrade to an already popular product. Security issues aside, Windows will always be with us and I’m glad at least when I want to turn on my PC I’ll be greeted with something usable as opposed to another dud.

Switching Back [New Web Order]