VeeSee IPTV for Deaf Folks: See, IPTV Can Be Used to Fill Niches


Look at that! Someone using technology for a good cause and not just to pump out more megapixels or whowhatsits per second. Going by the name of VeeSee, this Britian-based IPTV service (think Joost) caters to deaf people, with programming where British Sign Language is the lingua franca. The company felt there was a lack of deaf person-friendly programming on traditional TV programming to meet deaf people’s needs. The IPTV channel is actually part of ViewTV, a large TV portal that offers 900 streaming channels. This kind of content takes a little while to create, so only three to four hours are expected to be available in the days and weeks ahead. Which, as it stands, is much more than what’s out there now.

Besides, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the sign language lady on TV. Here, her wacky German counterpart.

VeeSee via BBC News