ThinkFree to Add Flickr Style Community Features

thinkfree.pngOnline office suite ThinkFree joins the community sharing crowd Tuesday, with the launch of a number of new features.

The new (beta) version of ThinkFree Docs will allow users to search, share, tag and publish Microsoft Office and ThinkFree documents in an online social community, much in the same way that Flickr allows photographers to publish and share photos.

I’m told the thinking from the ThinkFree team was to get these features out to users now, with aesthetics to follow. And yet from what I’ve seen of the new service, I can’t fault the look. The new community tools build on an already pleasant interface, having nearly a YouTube feel to them (minus the videos).

The addition of tagging is immediately evident. Documents viewable by the community now come complete with ratings, embedding code, comment fields, downloading options and the obligatory post this to Digg/ Furl/ buttons. In many ways it’s moving into the territory previously claimed by Scribd, the new features at ThinkFree share a lot of similarity with Scribd, and yet they are not exclusive unto themselves, building upon an already very smart online Microsoft Office alternative.

Thinkfree currently has 275,000 users. Previous TechCrunch coverage here and here.