Twelve Million New Customers For Zimbra – Partnership With Comcast

Comcast is ditching its antiquidated webmail software and replacing it with Zimbra’s Ajax office suite, the companies will announce this evening. That’s good news for Comcast’s twelve million broadband customers, and even better news for Zimbra – this deal will significantly grow the number of Zimbra users from the current six million or so customers.

The deal also includes new functionality, including giving Comcast triple play customers (VOIP phone, Internet, Cable TV) the ability to listen to voicemails online and forward via email. Users will also be able to manage instant messaging from the Zimbra client, and the companies are adding Plaxo’s address book functionality into the mix.

Zimbra recently released new software that lets customers access their webmail offline. The company offers its basic service for free via an open-source download. They charge for customer service and also distribute their premium version through resellers. They’ve raised just over $30 million in venture capital.