Disney Creates MySpace for Kids, Invents "Network Branding"


I’d imagine that being a sexual predator of little kids is tough. You’ve got Jonny Law always breathing down your neck, watchdog groups acting as vigilantes, and local news crews looking to make you their next top story. Disney apparently feels your pain, as its developing a social network a not-just-another-social network specifically for the under-14 crowd.

While we see the logic as sound (kids have money, social networks make money, Disney wants money), we see it as being far more dangerous than MySpace. The Disney Xtreme Digital (let’s hope they don’t offer educational sections) network has safeguards built-in, such as parental control of about everything. Hopefully it’s enough, or else it could become a metaphor for shooting fish in a barrel.

But don’t think of it as altruism on Disney’s part. Paul Yanover puts it perfectly:

“I want tons of kids immersed in my brands and franchises. What better marketer do I have than a kid?”

Way to go, Paul. You’re going to be responsible for every one of their first tattoos being Lilo or Stich. Awesome.

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