Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick


When I first came across the “car costumes”, I was confused. Then I saw the photograph, and I was aghast. They are, sadly, exactly what they sound like: costumes for your hoopty. The first one of you pukes I see sporting one of these on your ride gets to find out what a blogger’s roadrage can be like. All that taser stuff we write about? We keep the demo units, pal.

The thing is, then I’d be a jerk. I know who’s going to be the first to pick these up: 20 year old sorority types named Jennifyr (that’s with a “y”, jerk) who will put them on their white Cabriolet convertibles (no bio-deisel here!), and drive them around on the weekend shouting things like, “Party!” and “Whooooo!” and “OMG do you think Brad will be there?”

Sadly, Jennifyr, no. Brad’s hanging out with that high school girl who wanted to party with the college kids and is feeling the effects of her first Bud Lite. But look at it like this: if you’d saved the $19.89 from your trust fund these cost, you could have bought your own drinks. See you at sports bar, babe.

Car Costumes [via Nerd Approved]